Hi! I’m Emma Carlson, a writer and mother living in San Francisco by way of New York. A couple years ago, we had a baby. Now she’s two. We like her a lot.

When I was pregnant and after we had her, I wasn’t sure where to look to get advice on what we really, truly needed to have to keep her safe and happy in our small urban apartment. Not only are there a thousand kid stores overflowing with things, but when you look for advice on what of that you need, you encounter an overwhelming ton of web sites/books/magazines telling you, “YOU HAVE TO BUY ALL THIS STUFF RIGHT NOW OH MY GOD!!”

We were pretty sure we didn’t have the space for most of it – and that we didn’t want to make the space for a lot of it – but I couldn’t find the “everyone stay calm, here are the actual essentials (and, btw, some fun stuff too)” resource I was looking for. So I created it.

Minimalist Mama Expecting and her sister site, Minimalist Mama, are my take on what space-restricted, I-don’t-want-my-living-room-to-look-like-Toys-R-Us parents-to-be and parents and  need for their little ones. Sensible wooden toys, sensible advice I’ve happily received, books and toys that Astrid or her friends loved (or didn’t), cool reasonably priced clothes, and the Minimalist Mama Baby Prep Spreadsheet that started it all.

(The MM sites are also a local – mostly San Francisco and some New York – resource for places to go with your child when it’s rainy, places to go for a coffee where they aren’t annoyed by toddlers, and places to go where nice experts answer your questions about your new, tiny roommate.)

If you have little kids – or will soon – I’m so happy you’re here and hope I can help!


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  1. rickreicker Says:

    Love your blog. Sign me up !

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