Burp Cloths

December 10, 2011

I adore Dwell Studio’s baby patterns as much as the next geometrics-loving mom, but how, outside your baby shower, are you going to justify $35 for a burp cloth set that you are going to need several of per day for the few months you’ll need them at all? You can’t. You shouldn’t. It’s not worth it. To my mind, burp cloths were a single-purpose item not destined for our space-deprived apartment. I decided to buy a dozen cotton cloth diapers and use those as burp cloths. They could double as extra padding or wipe-ups or…I dunno, diapers if push came to Pampers shove. I thought I was all up on that sh*t. (So to speak.)

Turns out there’s an even better solution: Martex washcloths. We received a pack of them from a friend of a friend and they were fantastic. Softer, more roll-able, and lighter than the diapers, but still big enough to cover your shoulder while burping the baby, wipe up any additional mess while you’re out and about, and – bonus! – they can be used as washcloths or dishcloths once little Ethel isn’t an infant anymore. Oh – and they’re CHEAP. What’s not to love? Save your Adorable Dollars for a sweet cardy and use washcloths for clean-up.

Martex Washcloths, $21.99 for 20 at Amazon or $16 for 20 at Costco stores (if they have them in stock)


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