August 31, 2011

When I was pregnant with Astrid, I signed up for weekly emails from Fit Pregnancy that updated me on the baby’s development and size.

Increasingly, towards the end of the pregnancy, the size analogies veered from nice, apt foods like oranges to oddly disturbing ones like pot roasts. has put together an all-fruit (olives? sweet potatoes? well, almost) table to keep you up-to-date on your baby’s size. Thanks for nixing the weird meat comparisons, guys!

(I’m not sure about the progression from cantaloupe to banana. Maybe the writers buy steroidal bananas…and anemic melons…?)


One Response to “Fruity”

  1. rickreicker Says:

    What to Expect when you are expecting (the iphone App) has a similar feature. So far we have been a lime, a plum, a lemon, and most recently a sweet potato. It’s become a fun tradition Friday mornings to wake up and see what fruit or veg we have come to represent each week. I hope to god that we never become a haggis or rump roast!

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