Pimp My Car Seat

August 23, 2011

The infant car seat is a wonderful thing early on: your baby is small enough to snuggle in it and happy to snooze while you go from point A to point B. (Take your laptop or a book for the times when she’s still snoozing when you arrive!) When your baby starts to properly wake up and take in the world around her, however, the car seat can become a source of anxiety. It’s hard when you’re so small to see what’s happening outside your car seat and, for you, driving with an awake and frustrated baby is, to say the least, distracting.

This challenge will only grow as she gets older, but in the first few months, you can distract your strapped-in baby with a basic toy attached to the handlebar of the car seat. These arches or toy chains are available at both ends of the spectrum: the wild explosion of color, size, and noise or the more tasteful, wood, baby-sized offerings. That first category is not for me. It just seems overwhelming for a small, new baby with just-opened eyes. (And if they start with that kind of explosion, what is she going to need to keep her entertained when she’s five? A fireworks display?)

Anyway, as ever, the choice is yours, but I went basic and Astrid loved her little Haba pram decoration. She slept clutching the little leaves and fiddled with the colorful flowers and faces. (If you get one of the ones that’s easily detachable, like the Haba one, you can use it on her stroller too. Hence them calling it a pram decoration.)

Haba Pram Decoration, about $25 at Amazon

More Haba options, from $15-$26 at Padilly.com


The ones I don’t like (!), $10-$30 at Amazon )


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