First Toys: Sophie the Giraffe

August 23, 2011

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Sophie the Giraffe has been around for 50 years and is still sweet and effective. She’s a vanilla-scented, rubber teething toy from France with a kind little face and handy legs, head and neck to chew on when baby’s teeth are breaking through. Register for one or get one. You’ll need it. Admittedly not for a few months, but you’ll definitely need something in this category so you may as well be prepared.
First teeth usually come in at between months four and seven but some show up earlier. Don’t count on baby being interested in Sophie until then – I once watched a mom try to get her two month old to engage with Sophie during a yoga class to no avail – but when the teeth arrive, Sophie will become a favorite companion.
Other teething toys can wait, and you may have to run through a few of those options when teething starts in earnest (frozen ones, hard plastic, bendy plastic, textured plastic, yada yada yada) to see what helps, but I’ve never heard of a baby who doesn’t turn to Sophie.
(Astrid didn’t take to any of Vulli’s other teething toys by the way, only Sophie.)
Sophie the Giraffe, about $18 at Amazon


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